Babel Babies Chez Toi!
Introducing our newest venture, Babel Babies Chez Toi Bags!
Take a little bit of language home with the Babel Babies Chez Toi Bag! Sing languages together, learn languages together and love languages together...whenever you like!

Babel Babies Chez Toi Bag Learn languages together
Our bags are designed to guide you through some of the activities we do in our multilingual music sessions and work really well when you sing along to theCDsat the same time.

Play 'peepo' with the scarf, impress the grandparents by singing Incy Wincy Ankabut with the cute puppet, and shake your maraca in time to La Cucaracha. We've included some more ideas in the bags, plus a second instrument for you to buy at Mestre Andre's shop. And for the grand finale, sing Estrellita while your little ones catch the bubbles!

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy languages together. And the best part? It’s never too early or too late!

You can buy your own Babel Babies Chez Toi Bagherein our shop!