Babel Book Bag: Book Advent Calendar part 2
Another bumper Babel Book Bag full of ideas for your Book Advent Calendar.

Babel Babies book of the month
Well here we are halfway through Advent, so without further ado, here is the second half of our Book Advent Calendar in many languages! The children have been really enjoying theirs so far, and it has made us spend lots more time reading, and much less time watching Paw Patrol after school. Hooray for books!

Das Komische Ei German book Babel Babies
Das komische Ei

Emily Gravett is one of our all-time favourite writers and this is a very funny book. The birds have all laid an egg. All except for Duck. Then he finds an egg! What happens next? You’ll have to read it and find out what’s in Duck’s egg. One of Croc Monsieur’s cousins, peut-etre?

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Das ist nicht mein Hut
Das ist nicht mein Hut

Klasson’s second story is dripping with irony, and the children love it. We’ve not read it in German yet so Cate is definitely putting this one in the advent calendar...will the little fish get away with his theft?

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Il grande libro delle figure e delle parole
Il grande libro delle figure e delle parole

A lovely word primer, in large board book format, that little ones can pore over with or without you for hours. One of our favourite vocabulary books for Italian!

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Usborne Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World

Time for some non-fiction, and this little Usborne book has lots of interesting information about how Christmas is celebrated in countries across the globe. Good for early readers to get into by themselves as well, if you have older ones.

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Le Livre de la Jungle French Jungle Book
Le Livre de la Jungle

A French touchy-feely fairytale that introduces the story of Mowgli and Baloo the Bear. Very popular at BB HQ!

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Monkey and Me Arabic book Emily Gravett translation
Monkey and Me

Another Emily Gravett but this time in Arabic! Did you know that when you read an Arabic book, you start at the back? This alone is enough to keep the children amused, but the witty illustrations and beautiful Arabic script are really engaging for little ones and adults alike.

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Alouette French song touchy feely book
Alouette gentille Alouette

A classic French song that is brought right up to date with the colourful illustrations, feathers and other touchy-feely elements in this edition. We can’t read it without singing, so it’s a great excuse to sing languages together!

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Cocodrilo Spanish children's book

A funny little Spanish book with crazy rhymes and all the colours! We love it, and so do the Bambinos!

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Wo ist mein Hut Jon Klassen German translation Where is my Hat?
Wo ist mein Hut?

Another Jon Klassen classic about a hat. We can’t get enough of the witty illustrations and gripping storyline! Don't ask me any more questions...

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Hello World a Celebration of Languages and Curiosities
Hello World: A Celebration of Languages and Curiosities

Didn’t rush out and buy this beautiful book after our October book of the month post?! Well, now’s your chance because it is truly wonderful. Two months later we still love it and we’re sure you will too. Lift the flaps and discover all the marvellous languages and curiosities of the world together.

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Il piccolissimo ragno Eric Carle translation italian
Il piccolissimo Ragno tesse e tace

The little spider is spinning a web. All the animals come to ask her to play but she is too busy. Lots of fun with animals noises (Muu! Muu!) and repetition. A super alternative to that other rather famous Eric Carle book!

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Twas the Night Before Christmas Usborne Sound Book
'Twas the Night Before Christmas

What Christmas Eve is complete without a reading of this classic? For the younger audience, we love this sound book from Usborne. It has buttons (Quinn cannot get enough of books with buttons!) and is a lovely introduction to one of our favourite Christmas traditions. There are so many versions of this book - pop ups, beautifully illustrated hardbacks...which one will you read?

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