Babel Book Bag: Tous les Bisous
A beautiful book about kisses is the latest addition to our Babel Book Bag...

Tous les bisous bisinski sanders babel babies french book review
It’s a French thing, giving les bises (a kiss on each cheek) to your friends when you meet, but how do you kiss an ant? Or a wolf? Some kisses tickle, and some gurgle, and when you kiss papa after work, that’s a bisou qui pique - a scratchy kiss!

Tous les bisous is just the cutest French children’s book about all the types of kisses: it does exactly what it says on the cover! It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions (in toddler-friendly form) and even addresses such weighty issues as loneliness and having no kisses.

Available in French as Tous les bisous, and Italian as Tutti i baci del mondo, and we are smitten with both languages!

Bisou glou glou
Bisou qui pique
Prive de bisous