Babel Book Bag: Betty & Cat
Could this be a completely different style of bilingual book? Betty & Cat has really got us talking!
A few weeks ago we spotted Betty & Cat on twitter and immediately loved their original way of writing books in two languages, but without the words being translated. That’s right: bilingual books but NOT translated!

Betty & Cat bilingual books Babel Babies review
What’s it all about then?

Well there are two characters, Betty the dog and Cat, and Betty speaks French (or Spanish, or Dutch, depending on which combination of languages you choose), and Cat speaks English. Therefore, the story progresses in both languages, with each character having their own thoughts and words expressed in their own language.

And you know what, kids just get it! It’s exactly like Nonno speaking Italian but Granny speaking English. Children accept that the language comes with the person, and don’t flinch.

The stories are also very sweet. The first volume is about Betty and Cat meeting one day when Cat just moves in, unannounced, and is, well, a CAT. And the second book, which takes place once their friendship is formed but not necessarily set in stone, is about their family leaving them at the kennel to go on holiday and how the two animals cope with this upheaval.

We think you will like them too, especially if you are raising bilingual children who will really love that the characters speak both of their languages.

Copies are available to buy on the Betty & Cat website. Let us know what you think of this new concept in children's books - we'd love to hear how you get on.