Babel Book Bag: Betty & Cat
Looking for a novel way to introduce French, Spanish or Dutch to your little ones? Come and see why this series of bilingual books is different to any other we've found...
Earlier this year we discovered the beautifully-illustrated Betty & Cat series of books on twitter, and wrote a blog about themhere.

It turns out that you love Betty & Cat as much as we do so we are delighted to be adding these original bilingual books to our new bookstore when we relaunch it in the new year. For now, however, you can order your copies by emailing us on our info address at bottom of the page with the titles you'd like to order, and your postage details, and lovely writer Hennie will send you out a copy in the post.

Here is a full list of which books are available, and the language combinations:

The first book is where we meet the characters Betty the dog, and Cat. This volume is now available in Spanish/English and Spanish/French, as well as Dutch/French and the usual English with French, Dutch, or Spanish:

babel Babies Bilingual Books Betty and Cate
* Thuis bij Betty & Cat At Home

* Thuis bij Betty & Cat Chez eux

* Chez Betty & Cat At home

* At home with Betty & Cat En casa

* Chez Betty & Cat En casa

The second book is about moving house and resonates with little ones who have moved countries as well as languages. It is available in French/English and Dutch/English:

* In de Kennel met Betty & Cat In the Kennel

* Au Chenil avec Betty & Cat In the Kennel

The third and final book in the series is about a snowy week in the lives of Betty and Cat. Like the second story, it is also available in French/English and Dutch/English:

* Het sneeuwt bij Betty & Cat In the snow, and

* Il neige chez Betty & Cat In the snow

As a special introductory offer while we prepare our exciting new online bookshop, we are offering the Betty & Cat books at the following prices: €9,95 for one, €14,95 for two and €21,95 for three plus p&p. Email us on our info address to place your order now!

We'd love to hear what you think of this style of bilingual book. We think it is much more like real life where different people speak their own language rather than the traditional bilingual side-by-side translations. Whether you've got bilingual children, or are just introducing the concept of languages to your little ones, do drop us a line and tell us how you get on!

babel Babies Bilingual Books Betty and Cat