New year – new language?
Why not start the year with a little language learning?
Learn languages in the New Year with Babel Babies

What’s your new year’s resolution this year? This year mine were do more dancing and find more time for the friends I don’t see regularly. But a recurring new year’s resolution of mine is to brush up my Spanish!

Babel Babies
If you’ve been thinking of taking up a new language or brushing up what you started long ago and have long forgotten, don’t put it off any more. 2016 is the year to get on with it!

Below you’ll find links to some really useful websites for inspiration and language learning ideas. And, of course, if you have little ones, come to Babel Babies in Bristol, Cheltenham or Manchester where you have the chance to learn songs and phrases in a range of foreign languages, meet others who speak or study the same language that you’re interested in, and swap language learning tips with others in the same boat. Meeting new friends is perhaps the best inspiration there is!

* Fluent in 3 months – unconventional language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot. This guy is truly remarkable and clearly more obsessed with language learning than most of us, but I think his success seems to come from understanding a few key secrets of language learning … Like what? One is to make your goals realistic and congratulate yourself when you achieve them. His concept of fluent might not be what someone else would describe as fluent, but never mind – he sets himself a goal, focuses on it and achieves it. That feels good!

* Radio Lingua – this brilliant website offers short bitesized podcasts (also available on iTunes) helping you pick up a new language in manageable daily chunks. Try Coffee Break Spanish or One Minute French…

* BBC Languages – there are masses of high quality resources on the BBC website for children and adults alike – videos, soap operas, interactive online courses and games… Enjoy!

What’s your favourite website for learning a foreign language? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or on twitter with the hashtag #babelbabies and good luck with sticking to your new year’s resolutions!