Arabic games

We've discovered some gorgeous new Arabic games for you to enjoy together, and have been happily testing them out for you this holiday...

Let’s face it, the Easter holidays this year were a bit of a washout. And (read more)


Babel Book Bag: Betty & Cat

Could this be a completely different style of bilingual book? Betty & Cat has really got us talking!

A few weeks ago we spotted Betty & Cat on twitter and immediately loved their (read more)


Babel Book Bag: Tous les Bisous

A beautiful book about kisses is the latest addition to our Babel Book Bag...

It’s a French thing, giving les bises (a kiss on each cheek) to your friends (read more)


Singing for Syrians

New Year's Resolution: take action to help the Syrian refugees? Here's how to get involved locally and make a difference this winter.

Babel Babies is very proud to be sponsoring a fantastic fundraising event for Syrian refugees: (read more)

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