Our Babel Babies teacher is really engaging and enthusiastic and the children really respond to her. My little girl loves the classes and I often hear her singing away to herself in many different languages which is amazing to witness! She also loves the CD which she insists we play in the car at all times (I think you need to bring out a Volume 2!).
My nine month old baby and I have been coming to Babel Babies since he was just five months old. Our teacher instantly puts parents and children at ease, and her love of languages is infectious. Each session contains a number of classics in foreign languages, as well as musical instruments, dancing and a story. I think that each child gets a lot out of each group because they will soak up all the different languages, while still having fun with the songs and music.
There's absolutely no pressure to 'learn' the words of each song or pronounce everything correctly. It only takes two to three weeks to pick up the basics, and once you 'get' a song you won't stop singing it! My baby always smiles and laughs when I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Spanish! I'd recommend Babel Babies to other parents no matter how young their babies are.
I would definitely recommend Babel Babies to a friend because it’s very different to other classes, the groups are small so it feels very friendly, and it’s a great way to introduce your little ones to languages even if you don't speak other languages yourself!
It's not like learning scary or boring languages at school and it is amazing to watch the little babies/children pick up foreign languages so easily! It seems to them it's just words and it doesn't matter which language they are in - they are just a source of fascination to them. It's never too early to start learning languages!
Babel Babies is an amazing opportunity to introduce your baby or child to the world of foreign languages in a fun and musical way. I was amazed how quickly my little girl picked up the songs - even quicker than I did on many occasions! We both really look forward to our class and hopefully it will give my little girl a lifelong love of languages! She also loves the CD and insists we play it at full volume wherever we go!
I would thoroughly recommend the sessions. It gives the usual nursery rhymes a new lease of life and it's great to both be learning new words together!
I came with an open mind, but felt a particularly warm welcome from everyone. I really appreciated the chat after the session too, it was good to just 'touch base' with concerns or questions and that extra bit of interest was appreciated.
I'm amazed at how much Lily has picked up. She still sings the Norwegian version of Row Your Boat a whole term later (which must really perplex the ladies at nursery!) and loves chatting about the new words we've learnt and testing them out.
My husband said I was too excited about going to this class and it simply couldn't live up to my expectations...but it did!! Incy Wincy Spider in Arabic is my new party piece.
We've had such a lovely time coming to Babel Babies and I hope to be able to come again in the future. It's a very friendly group and it's been great meeting other very nice mums plus also having to use my brain to learn the songs and then actually use what I'm learning. Ella's loved the singing and shaking all the instruments and still gives me a big smile when she hears me starting the songs. In fact, at the moment she only wants to go to sleep when I sing one of the Spanish songs to her. Ella not only claps when I say "batti le mani" without me clapping myself or singing the tune to "If you're happy and you know it," but also tries to do signs to Estrellita! So pleased I made the effort to join.
If new parents are interested in a music class then Babel Babies is the one to choose, because it offers more for both the child and the parent - Lily isn't the only one who has learnt something new!
I went expecting it to be fun and beneficial in the same way any toddler music group would be, but actually she seems so enthusiastic that I think it might affect her attitude towards learning languages later on, which is an amazing thing.
It's a more interesting class to do than usual baby classes because you are learning something as well as the babies.